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Saunter Yoga Studio is located along the beautiful Central Coast of California. Nestled between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo, Atascadero is the city to combine your love of yoga with the outdoors. Take your practice outside and enjoy a guided meditative hike followed by a standing yoga flow. Perhaps flow in a heated studio for an extra sweat to help remove toxins from the body. Or roll out your mat in the comfort of your own home with a live streaming class. With a growing class schedule and multiple settings for your practice, there is yoga for everyone in our community and around the world. Sign up for your next yoga class with Saunter Yoga Studio on Mindbody.


Indoor Events

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Numerology Workshop

-1/18 workshop canceled, rescheduled-Join us for an intimate workshop on Monday March 21st from 5:30-7pm where Numerologist Liza Spiridon shares what is in store for 2022. She will also offer mini readings for all attendees. Ashly will offer a 30 minute yoga session before Liza begins her workshop.


Everything in the universe has an energetic vibration – and numbers are no different. In fact, in Numerology every number and letter has its own unique vibration that has an influence upon the story of your life. Numerology is the study of the relationship that numbers and letters have with our CORE self and events that we will experience throughout life. It is an ancient metaphysical science that reveals the blueprint of ourselves and it is one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools. You have a soul within your physical body that has chosen to incarnate into this life  to evolve through the life experiences it encounters while it’s here. Throughout the course of your life there are specific areas of growth your soul has chosen to master and specific opportunities it would like to take advantage of on its journey. In order to do this there are specific personality traits and life circumstances needed in order to achieve its goal – the details of which are found in your numbers.


Wouldn’t you have liked to know what’s in store for 2022 and how to best prepare for it? 


All attendees will also receive 20% off their first 1:1 Numerology session with Liza. 

**Special BONUS - a 2022 Personal Year Forecast - $37 value!**

What's Included:

What's in store for 2022.

Mini sessions with Liza.

We will create an intention on a custom made soy/coconut wax candle. Yours to keep!


Investment: $33, book on Mindbody. Live Streaming available, schedule a time with Ashly to pick up your candle prior to the event.

Outdoor Events


Beer Yoga at Ancient Owl Beer Garden

Saunter Yoga Studio will be offering 60 minute yoga classes at Ancient Owl Beer Garden in Atascadero! While flowing through your practice enjoy an ice cold craft beer from the huge selection of beers that AO has to offer. Not a beer drinker? That's okay! Ancient Owl has other options such as hard kombucha, seltzers and much more!


Keep your tab open! Bring your own lunch or order from one of the many local restaurants downtown then enjoy lunch and another beer with your friends after your practice. 


We can't wait to roll out our mats with you. Sip then Savasana!


Please arrive 10-15 minutes before 10am to purchase your beer and roll out your mat. Limited spots, book your class today! Next class is Saturday, January 29th, with Jes. Book on Mindbody.

Single Class Pass $22 *Expires in 1 month

2 Pack of Passes $42 *Expires in 2 months

4 Pack of Passes $80 *Expires in 4 months

6 Pack of Passes $114 *Expires in 6 months

Annual Unlimited Passes $450 *Expires in 12 months

*Preregistration required. Beer is sold separately. Must be purchased through Ancient Owl Beer Garden the day of the event. Your purchase on Mindbody is for the yoga class only. This is a year round outdoor event, please dress in layers. Heaters are on in the Winter.


Goat Yoga with California Goat Yoga

Saunter Yoga Studio is teaming up with California Goat Yoga to bring you Goat Yoga at Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. Enjoy a 45 minute all levels yoga flow while cute Nigerian Dwarf Goats saunter around nibbling on the grass. After class you have the opportunity to hold and cuddle with the baby goats plus get your classic goat on the back photo. Sign up at Next class will be Saturday February 12th at 9:30am!



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Ashly Sagariballa

Ashly started practicing yoga eight years ago when she made the Central Coast her new home. In the Spring of 2018, Ashly became a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher from Dharma Yoga Loft in Paso Robles. She graduated from the California Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy in San Luis Obispo in 2016 as a California Licensed Massage Therapist. Ashly is now a teacher at CHI as the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi instructor. In 2021 she started school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach and will complete the program in 2022. She combines her love of massage, yoga, and health coaching to help her students heal their own body, mind and soul.


During Ashly's free time she loves to practice yoga, travel, swim, mountain bike and hike the trails of the Central Coast, and backpack through the Sierras. In 2017 she spent seven days on the High Sierra Trail and finished the thru-hike on the top of Mt. Whitney. She is always looking forward to the next soul she can help heal through massage, yoga, and health coaching. If you are ready to heal your body, mind and soul, she will help guide you up your mountain.


Bridgette Toigo

Bridgette is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor serving the Central Coast community. She formed a deeper relationship with yoga in 2016, embracing the challenge of the physical practice while being drawn to the way yoga influenced every aspect and facet of her being. Bridgette enjoys creating sequences that are fun and challenging to nurture the mind body connection. She has interests in Vinyasa, Yin Yang Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, and Yoga Nidra Meditation.


Jamie Dubin

Jamie grew up in southern California and was always seeking creative ways to help others. She used her education in psychology and interest in holistic wellness modalities to hold space for others on their healing journey.

She has done a wide range of training including sound healing, breathwork, mindfulness, and reiki. She believes she is a student of life and always plans to continue learning about self-empowerment and consciousness-expansion. Her knowledge in unique modalities mixed with her attentiveness and nurturing nature create experiences of transformation, clarity, and inner-peace. With a passion for everything meditation-related, she believes everyone can meditate in their own unique way if given the guidance, patience, and reassurance.

Currently residing in San Luis Obispo, she travels up and down the California coast to share her offerings. She offers private group or one-on-one sessions, studio events, wellness retreats, mental health facilities, corporations, and festivals.

When Jamie isn’t sharing sound vibrations and mediative modalities, she is at the beach, cuddling up with her dog, exploring nature, listening to new audiobooks, and practicing acro yoga.

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Jes Godsey

I'm a firm believer that yoga is a cure for everything, and that you always look prettier when you smile.  I started my yoga journey in 2009 as a much needed way to relieve anxiety.  Yoga reminds me to breath: breathe in the moment, breathe in fun, breathe in grace, breathe in love and life.  Breathe out anger, breathe out stress, breathe out anxiety and tension.    It allows me to be present in each moment, because each moment is a gift.  It reminds me that we are all human, all just practicing, and most importantly yoga reminds me to smile. 

I am RYT 200 Certified since 2014, with an 85hr Certification in Prenatal Yoga.  I also teach a weekly BeerYoga class here on the Central Coast. I love making yoga more approachable,  and allowing every member of the class to meet themselves exactly where they are. 

I am a mother of two, as well as a Labor and PostPartum Doula.  In my spare time I love hiking, beaching, walking, everyday adventures, birth nerding, photography, and exploring the world through my children’s eyes…  my ultimate little teachers of how to be present and smile.

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Cheryl Wakefield

What a privilege it is to be able to offer a practice, in which I love, to
you. I have been a student of Yoga for over 20 years, finding guides via
YouTube and social media, then in our local community, back to the
innerwebs and Zoom in the most recent years. I have studied, to guide
myself into guiding you, through Sacred Paths Yoga, an international
and well renowned institution, with teachers of abundant history and
worldly knowledge. Through them, my practice deepened into a
spiritual lifestyle. This year, while I began to guide one-on-one asana
and meditation classes, I went back to study Prenatal and Postnatal
Yoga in addition to the study of the Sacred Doula through Awakening

My passion for yoga comes in the discovery of oneself. Yoga means
Union. I understand that to be the Union between You and You. Or
your body and your spirit. My first true awareness of this came in a hot
yoga class that I couldn’t leave. Finding a way to finish took my mind’s
willingness to believe in my body. This lesson became clearer when
hiking a mountain too big for my previous belief of self, no more.

I believe yoga is and should be accessible to all. My intention is to meet
you where you are and guide you into hearing your inner guide who
will move you into reaching your highest potential.

Come Play! Come Explore! Come Find YOU!


Lauren Udsen

Lauren’s style to teach­ing yoga empha­sizes the val­ue of each individual’s unique sen­si­tiv­i­ties & per­spec­tive. Her yogi­ni San­skrit name, Liilavati sums up her phi­los­o­phy of yoga and life; the expres­sion of the cos­mic dance or sim­ply stat­ed as divine play.

With her back­ground in run­ning, she has a strong under­stand­ing of over­all health, fit­ness and body aware­ness. It was through run­ning where she first dis­cov­ered her love of yoga for the phys­i­cal sup­port and bal­ance it pro­vid­ed to an active lifestyle along with the phi­los­o­phy and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty that seemed to keep pro­vid­ing gems of knowl­edge and clarity.

She received her 200hr Yoga Teacher Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion through Yoga Alliance in 2011 in Eugene Ore­gon where she stud­ied through the Tai Chi Yoga Cen­ter, focus­ing pri­mar­i­ly on Anan­da Mar­ga ‘Path of Bliss’ Med­i­ta­tion & Hatha Yoga. Incor­po­rat­ing breath, restora­tive asanas and sub­tle body adjust­ments in her class­es she invites and inspires you to play, move and express a prac­tice as unique as you are, uplift­ing your mind, body and spirit.

She cur­rent­ly teach­es all over the cen­tral coast and has a diverse back­ground teach­ing a broad spec­trum of styles includ­ing, hatha, vinyasa flow, yin, restora­tive & med­i­ta­tion classes.

When not found on the mat you can find Lau­ren explor­ing, run­ning, hik­ing or cre­at­ing art­work and jew­el­ry, which are all a con­stant source of inspi­ra­tion and flow in her life.

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Libbie Stone

Libbie began her yoga journey when she was 14. She saw how yoga could be both strong and graceful at the same time and was immediately drawn to the practice. Growing up as a dancer and athlete, she had enjoyed fitness and movement, and she appreciated how yoga expanded these practices with a mind-body connection. She recently graduated from the Levity Yoga 200 hour training at The Space studio in Visalia, California where she was led by Kristen Bini McQuaide. She is now living in SLO where she attends Cal Poly University. 




30 Minute Classes

All Levels Flow



Short, Sweet & Sweaty

Warm Detox & Reset

Here at Saunter Yoga Studio we encourage our students to move their bodies at least thirty minutes a day everyday. Whether it's walking in nature, swimming, cycling or yoga, any physical activity will help heal the body, mind and soul. With our busy on the go lifestyles it is sometimes hard to make time for ourselves and an hour long yoga practice. Our thirty minutes classes help you squeeze that thirty minutes of physical activity into your schedule.

First visit for new students can book an Intro Offer called 5 Days of Sauntering for $15 to try all of the in studio 30 minute classes. All classes are scheduled at 10:30am, Monday through Friday.

In Studio Passes

Single Class Pass $10 *Expires in 1 month

4 Class Passes $36 *Expires in 2 months

8 Class Passes $64 *Expires in 3 months

In Studio Memberships

Unlimited Auto Pay Membership $75 *6 month commitment

Unlimited Month to Month Membership $100 *No commitment

Annual Unlimited Membership $888 *One time payment

Live Streaming

Single Class Pass $6 *Expires in 1 month

4 Class Passes $24 *Expires in 2 months

*Preregistration required. We ask students to please book their 30 minute classes at least 16 minutes or more prior to the start of class. 15 minutes prior to class you will be prompted by Mindbody to call to see if you can still attend the class.


60 Minute Classes

All Levels Yoga

Gentle Yoga



Reset & Recharge

Warm Candlelight

Warm Deep Stretch

Warm Power

Warm Warrior (returning in March)

Warm Yin (returning in March)

Warm Yin Yang

Yoga for Athletes

Plan your week with Saunter Yoga Studio by attending multiple 60 minute classes with your class passes or membership. Regular temperature classes are set between 68 and 74 degrees while warm classes are set between 75 and 85 degrees. For extra sweat, set up your mat near one of the infrared heated floor lamps!

First visit for new students can book an Intro Offer called 7 Days of Sauntering for $30 to try all of the in studio 60 minute classes in one week.

In Studio Passes

Single Class Pass $18 *Expires in 1 month

4 Class Passes $68 *Expires in 2 months

8 Class Passes $128 *Expires in 3 months

In Studio Memberships

Unlimited Auto Pay Membership $125 *6 month commitment

Unlimited Month to Month Membership $165 *No commitment

Annual Unlimited Membership $1,333 *One time payment

Live Streaming

Single Class Pass $14 *Expires in 1 month

4 Class Passes $52 *Expires in 2 months

*Preregistration required. We ask students to please book their 60 minute classes at least 31 minutes or more prior to the start of class. 30 minutes prior to class you will be prompted by Mindbody to call to see if you can still attend the class.

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Private Lessons & Classes

Private one hour in studio, outdoor or vacation rental classes and lessons are available. 12 students can practice comfortably for private in studio lessons and classes. A traveling fee between $20 and $80 will be added depending on where the teacher will be traveling from. 

$50 for 1-10 students

$75 for 11-15 students

$100 for 16-20 students

$125 for 21+ students

Back Massage



30 Minute Integrated

60 Minute Integrated

75 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

90 Minute Integrated





Add $5 to 30 minute integrated for a deep tissue massage

Add $10 to 60 minute integrated for a deep tissue massage

Add $20 to 90 minute integrated for a deep tissue massage

Appointments taken Monday through Friday

Add $20 if needing to book on a Saturday

No appointments taken on Sunday

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